Delivering Dynamic Enduring Education to Healthcare Providers

I don’t know about you, but I like to learn about things on my own time and in many different ways. Sometimes it’s a short video, sometimes a magazine article, an app, a webinar, etc. I believe I am fairly representative of our modern society. With so much information and so many competing priorities for our time, it only makes sense that learning preferences and needs have evolved. The question is, are you keeping up with your customers and their preferences?

I’m going to share some of my thoughts about “enduring materials” in the healthcare education environment. What are they? Why are they important? Which ones are the best?

So … who has time to go to a live meeting anymore? Well, many healthcare professionals (HCPs) do, but not everyone chooses to learn that way all the time. What can be done to provide a variety of learning methods that offer ways to educate HCPs? Here is a short list of options:

Live and Virtual:
– Live meetings (dinners, symposia, product theaters, etc)
– Webinars

– Videos
– Print
– Blogs
– Podcasts
– Digital graphics
– and the list goes on …

The key to optimizing your tactical mix is truly understanding your customers and how they prefer to learn. Then connect those dots with the objectives you have for your communications. Great efficiency and impact can be achieved by thoughtfully planning your marketing material creation efforts. For instance, if you’re conducting a webinar with a top opinion leader, it only makes sense to record that session (with their permission) and repurpose it via other channels such as your sales force, product Web site, or YouTube.

Enduring materials can pull through a message via a surround sound approach to connecting with target customers. For instance, video is becoming increasingly important in the delivery of engaging education, but it’s not right for every situation or it can be amplified with print deliverables such as infographics that highlight key data that HCPs truly need to know to better care for their patients.

So which enduring materials are the best? 

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There is no one right answer, but here are some thought starters for you …

Video – ideal for conveying a complex or emotional message, to share an individual’s perspective (whether patient or expert), or to address important questions about your product or science, and especially around product launch

Print – great for providing a lasting reference piece for HCPs to refer back to.

Digital graphics – great for conveying complex scientific or product information in a more simplified, compelling manner, including patient tools and resources

To summarize, marketing is an art and a science. Just like the rest of us, HCPs and patients have varied learning preferences. Seek to understand them and create a tactical mix that blends your communication objectives with their needs and match your tactical plan to address both.