Are You Fully Onboard With OnDemand Programs?

Healthcare professionals are just like you and me. Constantly on the go. While managing professional careers, as well as personal lives including extracurricular activities, families, and friends, HCPs also want to learn and consume information to advance their knowledge. Knowing this, hoping to get your target HCPs to a live program may not always be the best bet. The solution is found by creating content or potentially repurposing existing content that can be delivered in an OnDemand setting. We are still able to deliver the message we are hoping for HCPs to receive, but allowing them the convenience of learning on their own time, when it works best with their hectic schedules.

HCPs are using mobile devices and tablets more frequently to consume content. Therefore, OnDemand programs are a great option to allow them to consume information you are creating not only on their schedule, but in the method that is most preferred by them. For HCPs with a lengthy commute, they can view the video on their tablet/smartphone or listen to the audio via their mobile device.

While making content easier for HCPs to access, OnDemand programs are also beneficial for you as the program creator. Delivering content in an OnDemand format is cost effective—you only have to create the content once, meaning one presenter and one honorarium. This will allow you to potentially create additional content to make available to your targets, utilizing a similar budget as you may have set aside for a series of live face-to-face programs. Additionally, OnDemand programming allows you to track valuable metrics such as who attended a remote program or viewed a program replay.

So, OnDemand programs are a win-win. HCPs will appreciate the acknowledgement of their busy lives, while also knowing they still desire to learn. And you will be saving your team money, which can then be repurposed to create more content. At the end of the day, delivering content in an OnDemand setting is a win-win scenario.

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