Being a DWA CARES Chair: Helping Others

“I wanted to be involved in something bigger within the company than my client project work.“

Growing up and throughout college, I was always involved in my local community and when I moved after school, I felt disconnected to the community. I also felt like working an 8-5 office job often limited me from getting to know people and their true passions. Being involved with DWA CARES has allowed me to work with the community and to see another side of my coworkers and what they are involved in outside of work.

I work hand in hand with the two other 2015 DWA CARES chairs. We monitor the budget, align the specific charities/organizations that employees want our company to support, and consult our steering committee (past chairs and executive leadership members) in our major decisions along the way. Ultimately, our role is to make sure our company is actively involved in the community and our employee’s passions.

Both the Alzheimer’s Association and the St. Vincent Cancer Walk are two organizations that we support that are near and dear to my heart. My grandmother currently has Alzheimer’s disease, so being able to support the Alzheimer’s Association through DWA CARES means a lot to me. Also, my mom is a breast cancer survivor so I love to be involved in any cancer walk such as the St. Vincent Cancer Walk that we sponsor.

This year, we are really focusing on involving remote staff and trying to get maximum participation from everyone at the company for all events. With our company growing at a rapid pace, it is important that we are hear from everyone about any organizations or charities that they want us to support. I really enjoy being a part of a company that cares and provides us time to support our local communities (wherever they may be).