Keeping Your Content Safe, Secure, and Up-to-Date

In a regulated industry, such as healthcare marketing and communications, having consistent control over your content and your message is critically important. You have to be sure that your message is being delivered the way you want it delivered and in a way that is compliant with what regulators have approved.

In the past, content for speaker programming was often distributed in the form of PowerPoint files, which remains a common practice for many companies today. Unfortunately, using PowerPoint forces you to make a choice between locking the content down so that it can’t be changed or customized in any way, or leaving the file completely open to modifications that may not be compliant with the requirements of our regulators.

Consider the chain of events after the FDA updates your label. You have to generate and distribute new content and hope that your faculty deletes the old content and only presents the newly updated content. If your content has to change frequently, this can create a situation in which a speaker has numerous copies of the same presentation, each with small variations, and they have to consciously choose the latest version when presenting.


nControlTM as a Content Management Solution

One tool addressing clients’ needs for controlling and presenting content within regulated industries is nControl. This solution ensures that faculty are always presenting the most up-to-date content in a compliant manner, while still giving them the ability to tailor their presentations to their audience.

nControl is an application for Windows, Mac, and iPads that allows users to sync to the latest content when changes are made, present that content, and even customize the content—within predefined business rules that are established by content owners and approved by regulators. Changes that violate those predetermined rules are not permitted within the application.

Content is stored in a secure, encrypted location within the nControl application. Since there are no PowerPoint files, you don’t have to worry about your content being changed, nor do you have to worry that your faculty will utilize an outdated slide.

Seeing nControl in Action

One element of nControl is the powerful metrics, including data related to speakers and individual slides. See this case study about a regulatory request for the nControl team, which saved the client time, effort, and money.