Top Workplaces Honor Means More This Year

Being named one of the Indianapolis Star Top Workplaces 2016 comes with extraordinary significance. This past year, our company has come through a period of accelerated growth and change, which has tested our cultural and organizational health. Externally, for our customers, the overall results of these changes in our business were positive and resulted in new and existing customers bringing us additional opportunities. Internally, our business grew by nearly 40%, and to support that business, we hired more than 110 new employees within a 12-month period.

For our people, the work was harder and at times unrelenting—but our staff were equally unrelenting and met each challenge with determination and dedication. It was during this period of high intensity that our people were surveyed and we were named one of the Top Workplaces! Even more remarkable, “workplace factor” ratings from our employees exceeded our previous survey results by an average of 18% from three years ago. This is a testimony of what makes our company great—our people and their personal and collective strength and commitment to delivering top-notch customer service while paying special attention to caring for each other.

Historically, throughout any period of adversity or significant change, we have always come out a better company and stronger as a corporate community. We have been determined not to sacrifice our culture as we have grown, and we have worked very hard to keep it alive. Receiving this Top Workplaces recognition during our most recent period of growth and change demonstrates that our company is strong and united.


Throughout this year of change, it was clear that our focus on and investment in our people had to be a top priority. We invested more in our training programs as well as a robust leadership development track so that our people could grow with us—and in turn, our staff rose to the occasion, and we had 58 staff promotions. In addition, we made a commitment to enhancing our benefits and Total Rewards program for employees, each year adding or enhancing benefits that the team members want and that improve the workplace experience. This past year, we also rolled out new flexible work arrangements, which were initially implemented in Q1 and then enhanced further on April 1.


Internal recognition and awards, participation in our company-wide events and internal committees, and community outreach were at an all-time high this year. This evidence of the individual and collective commitment and passion—it is part of our fabric or “secret sauce.”


I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize our executive leadership team for personifying the commitment to “our reason for being,” communicating and embodying the corporate vision, and demonstrating excellence in serving our customers, all while helping our employees be the best that they can be!


We always strive to enhance, improve, and innovate for our clients, and I’m happy our employees recognize that we are putting these same focuses into our own workplace. No matter how large our company becomes, we will continue to be a positive, caring, and supportive employer that recognizes how our talented team members build the foundation of our corporate culture.