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Key Contacts: Sharing Responsibility for Your KOLs

Your top priority KOLs should have a KOL key contact identified on the product team—but should you have the same individual serving as a key point person for all KOLs? Not necessarily. Jeff Sears, Executive Director, explains the value in taking a distributed KOL key contact approach and sharing this responsibility across the internal team.

Rationalizing: It’s Not Just for Donuts Anymore

In medical storytelling, whether you’re a brand director pitching a marketing plan to leadership or a medical director pitching an educational strategy to KOL speakers, you need a “how we got there” document to set up the work. Jane Doman, Associate Creative Director, provides the rationale for always including a written rationale with your presentations.

Using Measurement to Illuminate Your Medical Storytelling Path

You have invested in developing a compelling and medically accurate story that is memorable and communicates your key messages. How do you know if your content was successful? Randy Boon, Senior Manager of Research and Analytics, shares how to know if your medical storytelling investment has reached met expectations and left a lasting impression.

Advisory Board or Working Group: The Difference

Advisory boards have long been a valuable staple tactic for obtaining insights from external experts. But, have you considered taking them (and your advisors) to the next level? Jeff Sears, Executive Director, discusses the differences between advisory boards and working groups and how both can support your business needs.

Rapid Launch Programming Through HCP Virtual Rounds

In search of a fresh approach in peer-to-peer education that energizes your drug launch programming series? Virtual peer exchange is a hotspot ripe with opportunities for transformative experiences—and can be in-field surprisingly quick after drug approval. Cheryl Ann Borne, Digital Strategist, discusses the “why” behind virtual rounds, a forum “without borders” for engaging even hard-to-reach physicians across the nation in interactive peer exchange.

Product Launch Preparedness: Pick the Right Agency

A product launch is a critical time in the life cycle of a brand, and a successful launch can resonate with HCP audiences for years to come. So, choosing the right peer-to-peer agency to help strategize and support your launch is vital. Trina Stonner, RN, MSN, Senior Vice President, shares her insights on making sure your peer-to-peer agency is the right partner for your product launch.

The Importance of Maximizing Your Evaluation Results

In the world of HCP programming, evaluations help you get the information you need to guide business decisions or determine if a marketing effort is successful. So, maximizing the results of the evaluations you conduct is critical. Sarah Thompson, Associate Strategist, discusses how you can measure the success of this important HCP touchpoint.

Dashboards Make Demonstrating and Dissecting Data Easier

Reporting dashboards are a great way to provide ongoing updates for your clients on the performance of their programming efforts. How familiar are you with the different ways you can incorporate dashboards as part of your reporting strategy? Eric Klemmensen, Analyst, highlights the benefits and challenges of putting together dashboards for your clients.

Building Personalized Plans for Your Top KOLs

Having a personalized plan for your top KOLs can help identify potential gaps with some of your most important external experts—and lets them know that you are taking the time to carefully plan how you will partner with them. And building your own personalized plan can be as simple as solving a jigsaw puzzle. Jeff Sears, Executive Director, provides some tips on how to construct a personalized plan for your top KOLs that will establish a feeling of long-term partnership.

Top Workplaces Honor Means More This Year

In April 2016, DWA Healthcare Communications Group (parent company to Avant Healthcare) was again recognized as one of Central Indiana’s Top Workplaces. Deborah Wood, owner and CEO, reflects on why this honor is so meaningful this year.

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