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Advisory Board or Working Group: The Difference

Advisory boards have long been a valuable staple tactic for obtaining insights from external experts. But, have you considered taking them (and your advisors) to the next level? Jeff Sears, Executive Director, discusses the differences between advisory boards and working groups and how both can support your business needs.

You’ve Got Great KOL Feedback! Now What?

Your advisory board was a success and has wrapped. Now what? How can you keep your KOLs engaged long after the last thank-you communication has been sent? Jamie Flemington, Account Executive, Avant Healthcare, provides recommendations for additional communications and touchpoints that will keep advisors engaged and invested beyond the initial advisory board.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Advisors

Engaging directly with KOLs can help you validate and refine your medical, marketing, and payer strategies. Philippe Vitat, Executive Medical Director, Avant Healthcare Communications, provides his perspectives on how to make sure you get the most out of your expert advisors.

Remember: No Two KOLS Are Exactly Alike

Who do you choose as your gurus? Do you want the best, or someone who might “fit the bill?” Deliberate and methodical selection of your key opinion leaders (KOLs) can make a significant impact on your project or initiative’s success. In our latest Avant Healthcare blog, Jeff Sears, Executive Director, shares some thoughts on the importance of selecting KOLs who will help meet your specific project needs.

Avant’s Top Ten Advisory Board Best Practices

Planning some upcoming advisory activities? In our latest blog from Jeff Sears, Executive Director, learn the three key elements for successful advisory activities and view Avant Healthcare’s Top Ten Best Practices for your next advisory board.

Advisory Boards: Interacting With Your Top Experts

We value their time, input, and insights. But do we always show it? Jeff Sears, Executive Director, shares three things to consider when working with key opinion leaders (KOLs) at an advisory board.