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Using Measurement to Illuminate Your Medical Storytelling Path

You have invested in developing a compelling and medically accurate story that is memorable and communicates your key messages. How do you know if your content was successful? Randy Boon, Senior Manager of Research and Analytics, shares how to know if your medical storytelling investment has reached met expectations and left a lasting impression.

The Importance of Maximizing Your Evaluation Results

In the world of HCP programming, evaluations help you get the information you need to guide business decisions or determine if a marketing effort is successful. So, maximizing the results of the evaluations you conduct is critical. Sarah Thompson, Associate Strategist, discusses how you can measure the success of this important HCP touchpoint.

Dashboards Make Demonstrating and Dissecting Data Easier

Reporting dashboards are a great way to provide ongoing updates for your clients on the performance of their programming efforts. How familiar are you with the different ways you can incorporate dashboards as part of your reporting strategy? Eric Klemmensen, Analyst, highlights the benefits and challenges of putting together dashboards for your clients.

Knowing Your Target HCPs Drives Program Success

When identifying your target attendees for a live educational program, focusing on target HCPs’ preferences and patterns for program attendance is critical. Randy Boon, Senior Manager of Research and Analytics, provides insights into how a program drive-time analysis can yield a more focused—and less expensive—multichannel marketing effort that can generate the best program attendance results.

Complementary Marketing Tactics Can Create Breakthrough Moments

Creating a good channel mix and determining the best frequency and method to reach out to healthcare professionals (HCPs) can dramatically affect the reach and response rate of a campaign. Stephen Erickson, Advertising Services Manager with Avant Healthcare, provides insights into finding the right channels to reach your HCPs.

Using Metrics to Effectively Engage With KOLs

In a partnership between a company and a key opinion leader (KOL), metrics provide valuable insights that can impact your strategy. Sharoni Billik, MBS, MBA, Account Executive, shares three ways metrics can be used to ensure you establish the right relationships with these important healthcare professionals.

Asking Questions That Matter (It Does Matter)

In market research, in order to get valuable, usable information from a question, you need to ask a thoughtfully composed question that matters. The challenge is: how do you ask a question that matters? Sarah Thompson, Associate Strategist, Research and Analytics, provides six tips for enhancing the question development process and ensuring you get the responses you need.

Medical Marketers: Five Trends to Carefully Monitor

From wearable technology to alternative point-of-care environments, medical marketing is an evolving environment. Chris O’Toole, President of Avant Healthcare Communications, shares his perspective on five healthcare trends that marketers should closely monitor to ensure they are keeping their sights on the right targets.

Stop Chasing the Wrong Metrics: Keep Focused

When building your program strategy, are you focused on what is truly most important in order to succeed? How can you measure success if you haven’t clearly defined what it means to succeed? Every program strategy needs to include measurement and analytics to help validate its success. But even the best measurement strategies will fail if the focus shifts away from your clearly defined measurable objectives. Randy Boon, Senior Manager, Research and Analytics, provides his perspectives on how you can stop chasing the wrong metrics and focus on a winning measurement strategy.

Measure What Matters: Keep Analytics In Budgets

Do your evaluations make a difference? Or are your measurement tactics so uninspired and undervalued that they are quickly removed from project budgets? Jeff Sears, Executive Director, provides his perspectives on the importance of making sure you’re measuring the things that matter.