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Key Contacts: Sharing Responsibility for Your KOLs

Your top priority KOLs should have a KOL key contact identified on the product team—but should you have the same individual serving as a key point person for all KOLs? Not necessarily. Jeff Sears, Executive Director, explains the value in taking a distributed KOL key contact approach and sharing this responsibility across the internal team.

Building Personalized Plans for Your Top KOLs

Having a personalized plan for your top KOLs can help identify potential gaps with some of your most important external experts—and lets them know that you are taking the time to carefully plan how you will partner with them. And building your own personalized plan can be as simple as solving a jigsaw puzzle. Jeff Sears, Executive Director, provides some tips on how to construct a personalized plan for your top KOLs that will establish a feeling of long-term partnership.

Perspectives from stakeholders on medical content

Involving KOLs to Increase Impact of Content

KOLs can provide effective and impactful feedback on your scientific content and help you reach the audience whose behaviors you seek to change. Matthew Roland, Senior Copywriter with Avant Healthcare, provides further insights into the advantages of bringing KOLs into your Medical Storytelling process.

Speaker Training consider differences

Speaker Trainings: Meeting Speakers Where They Are

Speakers are expert educators whose relationship with your company you want to foster and protect. To ensure they continue to be an asset to your brand, your training program needs to meet them where they are, considering their time, experience, and skills as a speaker. Greta Rybicki, Account Director with Avant Healthcare, discusses the factors to consider when customizing training touchpoints to meet each speaker type’s unique needs.

You’ve Got Great KOL Feedback! Now What?

Your advisory board was a success and has wrapped. Now what? How can you keep your KOLs engaged long after the last thank-you communication has been sent? Jamie Flemington, Account Executive, Avant Healthcare, provides recommendations for additional communications and touchpoints that will keep advisors engaged and invested beyond the initial advisory board.

Using Metrics to Effectively Engage With KOLs

In a partnership between a company and a key opinion leader (KOL), metrics provide valuable insights that can impact your strategy. Sharoni Billik, MBS, MBA, Account Executive, shares three ways metrics can be used to ensure you establish the right relationships with these important healthcare professionals.

Don’t Ask Too Late: KOL Congress Planning

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) are in high demand as speakers for congresses and major medical meetings, and their therapeutic expertise can bring a unique perspective and benefit to your programs. So, how can you ensure that you are successfully securing the KOL you want for your program while being respectful of the many demands for their time? Jeff Sears, Executive Director, provides some steps you can take well in advance of your congresses that will have a big impact and help you gain greater access and positive responses from your KOLs.

The Key Principles in Communicating the Science

Speaker training provides the perfect forum for HCPs to share information with their peers in an appropriate manner that ultimately drives improvements in patient care. Leo Francis, PhD, Chief Strategy Officer with Avant Healthcare, provides insights into maximizing your speaker training opportunities by looking beyond merely the application of adult learning principles and toward the very basis of what creates long-term memory and cognitive application in HCP audiences.

Your Label Is Being Updated—Now What?

Label Updates and Updating Promotional Content and Speakers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly The Good: The clinical studies netted out positive data for the drug your brand team launched a few years ago. Years of work have borne fruit, and now there are exciting new data to share about an important new indication […]

Getting the Most Out Of Your Advisors

Engaging directly with KOLs can help you validate and refine your medical, marketing, and payer strategies. Philippe Vitat, Executive Medical Director, Avant Healthcare Communications, provides his perspectives on how to make sure you get the most out of your expert advisors.

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