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Rationalizing: It’s Not Just for Donuts Anymore

In medical storytelling, whether you’re a brand director pitching a marketing plan to leadership or a medical director pitching an educational strategy to KOL speakers, you need a “how we got there” document to set up the work. Jane Doman, Associate Creative Director, provides the rationale for always including a written rationale with your presentations.

Using Measurement to Illuminate Your Medical Storytelling Path

You have invested in developing a compelling and medically accurate story that is memorable and communicates your key messages. How do you know if your content was successful? Randy Boon, Senior Manager of Research and Analytics, shares how to know if your medical storytelling investment has reached met expectations and left a lasting impression.

Medical Marketing Creative and Regulatory all partnering together

The Collaborative Story Behind Successful Medical Storytelling

Have you ever wondered what goes into the Medical Storytelling process? From concept to creation, there are a lot of key players who help conceptualize and design stories destined to shape beliefs and behaviors. Brett Halbleib, Copy Director with Avant Healthcare, provides some guidance on how we approach medical storytelling collaboratively.

Perspectives from stakeholders on medical content

Involving KOLs to Increase Impact of Content

KOLs can provide effective and impactful feedback on your scientific content and help you reach the audience whose behaviors you seek to change. Matthew Roland, Senior Copywriter with Avant Healthcare, provides further insights into the advantages of bringing KOLs into your Medical Storytelling process.

Medical Storytelling: Telling Effective Stories That Matter

A good story will challenge the way you think, as well as introduce new ideas and concepts to you, all while weaving key information into an engaging narrative that will stick with you long after it has been told. Rob Spalding, Chief Innovation and Customer Solutions Officer, Avant Healthcare, provides some insights into how incorporating compelling storytelling into your content design can help make a memorable impact on your audience.

The Advantages of Being Single: Simple Choices

Planning your next peer-to-peer marketing campaign? Remember that simple and single-focused presentations win over busy healthcare professionals. The key is to apply the principle of single-focused marketing to your peer-to-peer medical storytelling. Jane Doman, Copy Director, Avant Healthcare, provides some suggestions for creating engaging, single-focused medical presentations.

Timelessness and Accessibility: Keys to Enduring Materials

Enduring materials are a tried-and-true solution, but how do you ensure yours are timeless and accessible? Benjamin Dewhurst, Producer, Motion Picture Production, Avant Healthcare, provides his perspectives on what makes a material “enduring” with regard to creative deliverables such as short films.

Delivering Dynamic Enduring Education to Healthcare Providers

How do enduring materials fit into your digital strategy and marketing mix? Rod Julian, Vice President with Avant Healthcare Marketing, shares his perspectives on enduring materials, why they are important, and key considerations for using them.

Medical Storytelling: Bringing Power To Your Point

How can you turn your medical content into a creative medical story? Chris Ryan, Creative Director, discusses how our creative team amplifies the impact of our clients’ medical education materials by applying compelling copywriting, visually appealing illustrations, or motion graphics.