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Speaker Training consider differences

Speaker Trainings: Meeting Speakers Where They Are

Speakers are expert educators whose relationship with your company you want to foster and protect. To ensure they continue to be an asset to your brand, your training program needs to meet them where they are, considering their time, experience, and skills as a speaker. Greta Rybicki, Account Director with Avant Healthcare, discusses the factors to consider when customizing training touchpoints to meet each speaker type’s unique needs.

The Key Principles in Communicating the Science

Speaker training provides the perfect forum for HCPs to share information with their peers in an appropriate manner that ultimately drives improvements in patient care. Leo Francis, PhD, Chief Strategy Officer with Avant Healthcare, provides insights into maximizing your speaker training opportunities by looking beyond merely the application of adult learning principles and toward the very basis of what creates long-term memory and cognitive application in HCP audiences.

Your Label Is Being Updated—Now What?

Label Updates and Updating Promotional Content and Speakers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly The Good: The clinical studies netted out positive data for the drug your brand team launched a few years ago. Years of work have borne fruit, and now there are exciting new data to share about an important new indication […]

Five Web Program Tips for Enhanced Engagement

Compared to a live face-to-face event, it is much easier for an online viewer to attempt to multi-task or even get up and walk away during a Web program. So, what are some easy ways to help keep the audience engaged in their programs? Jeff Sears, Executive Director with Avant Healthcare, shares five tips to enhance the experience for Web program attendees.

Educating and Engaging During Your Speaker Trainings

It is important that your speakers are fully prepared to be the best representatives of your company and to properly share your medical story. Jeff Sears, Executive Director, shares some perspectives on how to make your speaker trainings impactful, engaging, and memorable using real-world exercises and case studies.

Providing Integrated Customer Experiences For Your Faculty

Avant Healthcare has partnered with thousands of healthcare professional speakers to deliver more than 9,000 programs over the past 20 years. Katie Brusveen, one of our project administrators, shares her perspectives around the importance of advanced planning, being a compliance resource, and building relationships with your faculty.