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Using Measurement to Illuminate Your Medical Storytelling Path

You have invested in developing a compelling and medically accurate story that is memorable and communicates your key messages. How do you know if your content was successful? Randy Boon, Senior Manager of Research and Analytics, shares how to know if your medical storytelling investment has reached met expectations and left a lasting impression.

Product Launch Preparedness: Pick the Right Agency

A product launch is a critical time in the life cycle of a brand, and a successful launch can resonate with HCP audiences for years to come. So, choosing the right peer-to-peer agency to help strategize and support your launch is vital. Trina Stonner, RN, MSN, Senior Vice President, shares her insights on making sure your peer-to-peer agency is the right partner for your product launch.

Dashboards Make Demonstrating and Dissecting Data Easier

Reporting dashboards are a great way to provide ongoing updates for your clients on the performance of their programming efforts. How familiar are you with the different ways you can incorporate dashboards as part of your reporting strategy? Eric Klemmensen, Analyst, highlights the benefits and challenges of putting together dashboards for your clients.

Building Personalized Plans for Your Top KOLs

Having a personalized plan for your top KOLs can help identify potential gaps with some of your most important external experts—and lets them know that you are taking the time to carefully plan how you will partner with them. And building your own personalized plan can be as simple as solving a jigsaw puzzle. Jeff Sears, Executive Director, provides some tips on how to construct a personalized plan for your top KOLs that will establish a feeling of long-term partnership.

Keeping Your Content Safe, Secure, and Up-to-Date

In a regulated industry, such as healthcare marketing and communications, having consistent control over your content and your message is critically important. You have to be sure that your message is being delivered the way you want it delivered and in a way that is compliant with what regulators have approved. In the past, content […]

Don’t Ask Too Late: KOL Congress Planning

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) are in high demand as speakers for congresses and major medical meetings, and their therapeutic expertise can bring a unique perspective and benefit to your programs. So, how can you ensure that you are successfully securing the KOL you want for your program while being respectful of the many demands for their time? Jeff Sears, Executive Director, provides some steps you can take well in advance of your congresses that will have a big impact and help you gain greater access and positive responses from your KOLs.

The Key Principles in Communicating the Science

Speaker training provides the perfect forum for HCPs to share information with their peers in an appropriate manner that ultimately drives improvements in patient care. Leo Francis, PhD, Chief Strategy Officer with Avant Healthcare, provides insights into maximizing your speaker training opportunities by looking beyond merely the application of adult learning principles and toward the very basis of what creates long-term memory and cognitive application in HCP audiences.

Your Label Is Being Updated—Now What?

Label Updates and Updating Promotional Content and Speakers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly The Good: The clinical studies netted out positive data for the drug your brand team launched a few years ago. Years of work have borne fruit, and now there are exciting new data to share about an important new indication […]

Field Programming Rollout: What’s The Big Deal?

For a field programming campaign to be successful, effective communication and implementation support are critical. The brand team, the sales force, and the agency partner must work together as an integrated team. Rod Julian, Vice President, Avant Healthcare, weighs in on how these diverse groups can effectively partner with one other and deliver on their shared goals.

Captivating Customer Experiences: All About The Journey

How can an integrated customer experience benefit you and your company? Stephen Erickson, Manager of Advertising Services for Avant Healthcare, provides his perspectives on how to discover and maximize HCP touch points that can generate greater results for educational event recruitment.

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