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Rapid Launch Programming Through HCP Virtual Rounds

In search of a fresh approach in peer-to-peer education that energizes your drug launch programming series? Virtual peer exchange is a hotspot ripe with opportunities for transformative experiences—and can be in-field surprisingly quick after drug approval. Cheryl Ann Borne, Digital Strategist, discusses the “why” behind virtual rounds, a forum “without borders” for engaging even hard-to-reach physicians across the nation in interactive peer exchange.

Keeping Your Content Safe, Secure, and Up-to-Date

In a regulated industry, such as healthcare marketing and communications, having consistent control over your content and your message is critically important. You have to be sure that your message is being delivered the way you want it delivered and in a way that is compliant with what regulators have approved. In the past, content […]

Timelessness and Accessibility: Keys to Enduring Materials

Enduring materials are a tried-and-true solution, but how do you ensure yours are timeless and accessible? Benjamin Dewhurst, Producer, Motion Picture Production, Avant Healthcare, provides his perspectives on what makes a material “enduring” with regard to creative deliverables such as short films.

Are You Fully Onboard With OnDemand Programs?

Have you fully explored all the benefits of presenting your content in an OnDemand program? Audrey Schnelker, Director, Digital Project Management Organization with Avant Healthcare, explains how delivering content in an OnDemand setting is a win-win scenario for both HCPs and brand teams.

OnDemand Programming: A Cost-Effective Education Solution

Imagine your biggest project challenge is being able to convince healthcare professionals to participate in an educational experience that will be more conducive to their ever-demanding schedules. Nikki Snodgrass, Executive Director with Avant Healthcare Communications, explains how OnDemand programming is a vital component of future peer-to-peer programming.

Consider the Attendee Experience in Virtual Meetings

Do you know the one thing that is absolutely vital to facilitating a quality virtual event? Nick Shotwell, Virtual Events Manager with Avant Healthcare, shares some tips, along with his perspectives on the keys to success when planning a virtual event.

Remote Programs: Reach Farther Audiences With Technology

Live remote programming is increasing in popularity every year. This isn’t to say that remote programming will ever fully replace face-to-face programs. But with all of the right pieces in the right places, remote programming can be another channel to help your medical story reach a wider audience with a smaller investment of resources.

Making The Most Of Your Virtual Events

With limited resources, how can you leverage technology to reach an expanded audience? Nick Shotwell, Virtual Events Manager for Avant Healthcare, shares some approaches and recommendations for conducting live virtual programs.